Women's Republic Service Tattoo (Krusual)

 Type ID59229
Volume0.10 m3
Mass0.50 kg
Capacity0.00 m3
Type Info
Type ID59229
Group IDTattoos [1084]


Military service with the Minmatar Republic can take many forms and a Matari's service can be marked by a style of military tattoo that may incorporate specific tribal iconography. The Krusual Tribe is without doubt the Minmatar tribe that has the best preserved tattoo culture, having successfully withstood the Amarr occupation in a significant number of mountain fastnesses in its ancestral Tronhadar region on Matar. The Krusual are inclined to be very conservative, highly traditional and particularly aggressive in pursuit of the perquisites they believe are their due. While their clannish nature does not endear them to the other tribes, they see the value of the Republic and it is common enough to see eligible Krusual wearing their tribal variation of Republic service tattoos.

Despite being a founder tribe of the Republic, the Krusual are not so well spread throughout the Minmatar regions in sheer numbers as other tribes. The Krusual are culturally disinclined to venture into space, preferring to settle themselves in suitable locations and expand their influence in cities and regions. On the other hand, the Krusual are highly motivated to protect the security of the Republic and provide significant numbers of ground fighters and intelligence operatives. The Krusual talent for espionage and covert operations, while viewed with suspicion by many other Minmatar, has served the Minmatar well and they naturally dominate the Republic Security Services.