Women's Republic Service Tattoo (Sebiestor)

 Type ID59231
Volume0.10 m3
Mass0.50 kg
Capacity0.00 m3
Type Info
Type ID59231
Group IDTattoos [1084]


Military service with the Minmatar Republic can take many forms and a Matari's service can be marked by a style of military tattoo that may incorporate specific tribal iconography. As the largest of the Minmatar tribes, the Sebiestor have managed to restore a rich tattoo culture in the aftermath of the Great Rebellion and in the course of helping found and build the Minmatar Republic. Sebiestor culture is very diverse, with perhap fewer traditional strictures on internal dissent than the Brutor and much less conservatism than their Krusual rivals. Together with a tendency to smaller clans, making the sheer number of Sebiestor clans almost uncountable, the diverse tribal culture makes for a highly diverse tattoo culture. Sebiestor appreciate both the tradition and artistry of tattoos, and any eligible tribe members will often display the Sebiestor variation of Republic service tattoos.

As the largest tribe and a founder member of the Minmatar Republic, the Sebiestor are a very common sight in Republic service of all kinds. While not as dominated by martial culture as the Brutor, the Sebiestor are deeply committed to the Republic's security and all means of preserving it. The presence of Sebiestor in military and civil services of the Republic is universal, though they are more evident in dominant numbers in the civil services, technical branches, and law enforcement, such as the Republic Justice Department.