Women's Republic Service Tattoo (Nefantar)

 Type ID59233
Volume0.10 m3
Mass0.50 kg
Capacity0.00 m3
Type Info
Type ID59233
Group IDTattoos [1084]


Military service with the Minmatar Republic can take many forms and a Matari's service can be marked by a style of military tattoo that may incorporate specific tribal iconography. The Nefantar lack a well-developed Minmatar tattoo culture, having eschewed it in deference to their Amarr masters when virtually all Nefantar lived in the Ammatar Mandate. Since the defection of a large proportion of Nefantar to the Republic, bringing with them the Starkmanir they had shielded from the Amarr, there has been an effort to rediscover their tattoo culture. This has been complicated by many Nefantar remaining followers of the Amarr faith and the controversial subject of Amarr religious tattoos. Some Nefantar choose not to wear any tattoos but many are strongly motivated to assimilate with tribal culture and have joined Republic service. Nefantar who are eligible due to Republic service can sometimes be seen displaying the Nefantar variation of Republic service tattoos.

While their numbers are relatively small compared to the large founder tribes of the Republic, the Nefantar are eager to show their loyalty to the Republic and many have entered Republic military and civil services of all kinds. The Nefantar are very well educated due to the defectors coming in large part from former Ammatar elites, upper-class, and middle-class families, but they tend not to flaunt this due to lingering prejudices among the other tribes. Keen to show their willingness to fight for the Republic, young Nefantar in particular aim to serve in the Republic Fleet or Republic Command.