Redeemer Iceblade Guerilla SKIN

 Type ID59332
Volume0.01 m3
Mass0.00 kg
Capacity0.00 m3
Type Info
Type ID59332
Group IDPermanent SKIN [1950]
Meta Group IDPremium [17]
Race ID4
Skin License
 Skin materialIceblade Guerilla
 SkinRedeemer Iceblade Guerilla
 License forRedeemer
 Single useFalse


The Iceblade Guerillas were one of the many groups of fighters involved in the Steroyn Arcologies War on Aice III. These paramilitary forces were generally aligned with nationalist and collectivist political parties vying for control of the three arcologies of the Steroyn region colony. So-called "Blade Guerillas" were the fighting cadres of syndicalist rebels against federal control of the Steroyn colony.

Infamous for uncontrolled destruction and brutality, the Steroyn Arcologies War is an episode of Federation history that many would rather forget, representing a complete failure of the Gallente democratic system to prevent a descent into all out civil war in a Colonial Union Dependency. Taking place in the Second Union period of the Federation, the Steroyn Arcologies War is believed by many Federation historians to be a direct consequence of the establishment of FTL communications network, and the first attempts to build a universal Federal democracy using this new technology.

The dark irony of this brutal civil war being sparked by social and political forces unleashed by the very infrastructure of Federation democracy is not lost on those who prefer not to dwell on the episode. While one concrete outcome was the replacement of the Union Dependency system in favour of the Independent Colonies framework, the conflict is most remembered by members of a subculture that glorifies the "freedom fighter" guerilla units that variously fought Gallente Union troops, Aice III Planetary Gendarmes, corporation security forces, and inevitably one another for control of the Steroyn Arcologies.