Totality Day 1v1 Kikimoras Proving Filament

 Type ID63727
Volume0.1 m3
Mass0 kg
 Base Price10,000 ISK
Capacity0 m3
Type Info


This proving ground event welcomes individual capsuleers flying a Kikimora to fight to the death against another individual capsuleer.
The ship allowed to enter this proving ground event is the Kikimora.
All ships within this proving ground will receive a bonus that increases turret damage by 50%, adds +500 base shield, armor, and hull hitpoints, and doubles the benefits gained from overheating the following module groups: Tackle Modules, Propulsion Modules, Repair Modules, Resistance Modules, Energy Warfare Modules, Turrets, and Launchers.
A repeatable challenge during this event will provide Capsuleers 10m ISK for each match where they deal at least 2000 damage to their opponent.

Pilots equipped with modules, implants, or boosters with a meta level higher than 5 (T2 modules) will not be able to enter this proving ground.
Sensor dampeners, weapon disruptors, shield boost amplifiers, shield rechargers, shield power relays, shield flux coils, and core defense field purgers are banned in this proving format.
Ships fitted with modules or rigs that provide bonus to single specific damage resistances will not be able to enter this proving ground. (For example: EM Armor Hardener modules and Medium Kinetic Shield Reinforcer rigs are NOT allowed because they provide bonuses to a single specific resistance type, but Multispectrum Energized Membrane and Damage Control modules ARE allowed because they provide bonuses to multiple resistance types).
Ships entering this proving ground may have a maximum of one local repair module fitted (shield or armor).

The proving ground event accessed through this filament will be will be accessible for 24 hours: from downtime on October 15th until downtime on October 16th, YC124.