Free AIR Soldier of Fortune Expert System

 Type ID63829
Volume1 m3
Mass1 kg
Capacity0 m3
Type Info


AIR Soldier of Fortune

This Expert System is sponsored by the Association for Interdisciplinary Research (AIR) to allow new capsuleers to try out a variety of ships and activities before having to train the required skills.

It makes skills available that enable a capsuleer to fly all frigates from all four Empires, while its supporting skills make it especially useful when fighting against other capsuleers or providing support for your fleet. This Expert System includes skills related to armor, shields, missiles, drones, projectile turrets, hybrid turrets, energy turrets, electronic warfare modules, and remote assistance modules.

An Expert System is a remote, restricted artificial intelligence providing you with access to certain skills during the active period. As it is independent from your clone and your capsule, an active Expert System is not lost on pod death or clone jump.

Activating an Expert System

Activation of an Expert System is automatic upon redemption of the item by the specific capsuleer intending to use the service.

Expert Systems are a product developed by the PKN Interstellar consortium, made available over the HyperNet FTL communications network, and marketed by PKN Interstellar member corporations. An Expert System is a restricted AI based on artificial gelbrain technology. As the Expert System uses neural pathways based on those created by skill training or skill injection, it is compatible with capsule-ship interface and control systems. Real time command and control communication is achieved using dedicated FTL channels on PKN Interstellar's HyperNet.