Planet (Scorched Barren)

 Type ID73911
Volume1 m3
Mass1.00E35 kg
Capacity0 m3
Type Info
Type ID73911
Graphic ID25676
Group IDPlanet [7]


This barren planet has been scorched by the high-energy radiation of an extreme stellar event. The radiation burst blasted the surface and ionized what little remains of the sparse atmosphere of an already harsh and unforgiving world. It seems unlikely that anything could have survived the event that scarred this planet and it will continue to swing lifelessly around its disrupted and highly-energetic star.

Typically barren planets are "dead terrestrials": dry, rocky worlds with a minimal atmosphere and an unremarkable composition. They are commonly etched with flood channels, which are often broad enough to be visible from orbit; most such worlds have accumulated significant quantities of ice over their lifetimes, but cannot retain it on their surface. Generally surface liquid evaporates rapidly, contributing to the thin atmosphere, but occasionally it will seep back into the ground and refreeze, ready for another breakout in future when the local temperature rises.