Cormorant Semiotique Sports SKIN

 Type ID74127
Volume0.01 m3
Mass0.00 kg
Capacity0.00 m3
Type Info
Type ID74127
Group IDPermanent SKIN [1950]
Meta Group IDPremium [17]
Race ID4
Skin License
 Skin materialSemiotique Sports
 SkinCormorant Semiotique Sports
 License forCormorant
 Single useFalse


Used on corporate transports and service vessels of Semiotique Superluminal's fleet, this special nanocoating was designed to mark the launch of the Semiotique Sports brand by one of the biggest players in New Eden's communications and media landscape.

Semiotique Superluminal is one of New Eden's largest FTL communications corporations, owned by the reclusive and eccentric trillionaire Lous Chavol, founder of the Scope and an immensely powerful figure in the Gallente Federation's corporate world. From its beginnings as one of the more successful FTL communications companies during the last expansion phase of the Gallente Federation, Semiotique has become a megacorporation that may even rival the titanic Quafe Company for its reach.

In recent decades, Semiotique Superluminal has expanded its activities into all manner of technology, media, and entertainment interests. The holocasting and virtuality industries are a major growth area for the corporation, and under its Semiotique Sports brand it has ambitious plans to expand into popular high-tech sports such as Gravball, Mind Clash, spaceship racing, and even the controversial but incredibly lucrative combat sports field.