Electronic Systems

Advanced Sensor Upgrades
Advanced skill at installing sensor upgrades, e.g. signal amplifier and backup sensor array. further 2% reduction of sensor upgrade CPU needs per skill level.
Burst Projector Operation
Operation of Burst Projector systems. Each skill level gives a 5% reduction in module activation time.
Skill at using Cloaking devices. 10% reduction in targeting delay after uncloaking per skill level.
Electronic Warfare
Operation of ECM jamming systems. 5% less capacitor need for ECM and ECM Burst systems per skill level. Note: Does not affect capital class modules.
Frequency Modulation
Advanced understanding of signal waves. 10% bonus to falloff for ECM, Remote Sensor Dampeners, Weapon Disruptors, Remote Tracking Computers, Remote Sensor Boosters and Target Painters per skill level.
Hypereuclidean Navigation
Skill at navigating while cloaked. 20% per level bonus to cloaked velocity per skill level.
Imperial Navy Security Clearance
Fake skill that specifies the owners security clearance for Imperial Navy facilities (e.g. acceleration gates).
Long Distance Jamming
Skill at the long-range operation of electronic warfare systems. 10% bonus to optimal range of ECM, Remote Sensor Dampeners, Weapon Disruptors, Remote Tracking Computers, Remote Sensor Boosters and Target Painters per skill level.
Propulsion Jamming
Skill at using propulsion/warpdrive jammers. 5% Reduction to Warp Scrambler, Warp Disruptor, and Stasis Web capacitor need per skill level.
Sensor Linking
Skill at using remote sensor booster/dampener. 5% less capacitor need for sensor link per skill level.
Signal Dispersion
Skill at the operation of target jamming equipment. 5% bonus to strength of all ECM jammers per skill level.
Signal Suppression
Skill at the operation of remote sensor dampers. 5% bonus to remote sensor dampers' scan resolution and targeting range suppression per skill level.
Signature Focusing
Advanced understanding of target painting technology. 5% bonus to target painter modules' signature radius multiplier per skill level.
Signature Masking
Improves the active masking mode of Signature Radius Suppressors, resulting in more efficient masking that can be maintained for longer periods of time. Increases duration time of Signature Radius Suppressor active mode by 5% per level.
Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration
Skill at the operation of triage modules. 25-unit reduction in strontium clathrate consumption amount for module activation per skill level.
Target Painting
Skill at using target painters. 5% less capacitor need for target painters per skill level.
Tournament Observation
Skill at observating tournaments. +2 extra targets per skill level, up to the ship's maximum allowed number of targets locked.
Weapon Destabilization
Advanced understanding of weapon disruption technology. 5% bonus to the effectiveness of Weapon Disruptor modules per skill level.
Weapon Disruption
Skill at using remote weapon disruptors. 5% less capacitor need for weapon disruptors per skill level.