Lancer Dreadnought

“And finally the Lord’s Avengers slew the false leaders of the misguided Striking them with spears of holy light and casting them down For the Lord is the bane of all deceivers and false powers“ – The Scriptures, Book II, Apocalypse 10:47 Developed in utmost secret as a collaboration between the Imperial Navy and Royal Khanid Navy, the Bane-class Lancer Dreadnought uses all the expertise of Khanid shipwrights and weapons engineers to marry the formidable Revelation hull with highly advanced missile and directed energy weapons. Like all Lancer Dreadnoughts, the Bane is capable of using the new “Disruptive Lance” variant of lance weaponry. Heavily armored, its secondary weapons are the missile weapons favored by Khanid designers, a decision that helps alleviate the massive energy requirements of the lance weapon. Developer: Khanid Innovation Constantly striving to combine the best of two worlds, Khanid Innovation have utilized their Caldari connections to such an extent that the Kingdom's ships now possess the most advanced missile systems outside Caldari space, as well as fairly robust electronics systems.
”You, my friends, are the beating heart of this great Federation’s industrial and military might. Without you, there would be no ships for our navy of liberation and security to wield as the instruments of Gallente freedom and ultimate peace under democratic rule. My friends, I congratulate you on your hard work to date and look forward to that which is to come!“ – Former President Jacus Roden in speech to Roden Shipyards workers, May YC125 While the reach of the Federation Navy is popularly supposed to be based heavily on the use of drones and automation, the true power of the Federation’s military has long rested on one of the most powerful capital ship fleets in existence. Drones and automation are leveraged on this mighty foundation, enabling it to function and project power rapidly and precisely. To this end, the heavy-industrial powerhouse of Roden Shipyards put forward designs for an advanced dreadnought using new lance technology. Alongside an armament of hybrid turrets, the Hubris-class Lancer Dreadnought is equipped to use the new “Disruptive Lance” weaponry, a capability rumored to have been developed with the assistance of Jacus Roden’s peerless industrial espionage organization. Developer: Roden Shipyards Unlike most Gallente ship manufacturers, Roden Shipyards tend to favor missiles over drones and their ships generally possess stronger armor. Their electronics capacity, however, tends to be weaker than ships from their competitors.
”The Ocean Winds drive us to extend the reach of the Caldari State by all means available, by any means necessary. To serve the Caldari people and State is the first duty of our corporate community, and we shall see it done by the Winds and Way of the Caldari!” – Mens Reppola, CEO Ishukone Corporation, speech to Combine TNR executives, January YC125 Despite the setback of a Guristas spy ring stealing Caldari capital ship development secrets in YC124, a program for an advanced dreadnought proceeded under a secret contract awarded to the Tiuunakama Nenkanavu Rymasaikkan, the “Ocean Winds Corporate Community” linking the Hyasyoda, Ishukone, and Wiyrkomi megacorporations. Hyasyoda and Wiyrkomi pooled their expertise in energy and weapons systems to complete the “Disruptive Lance” project on schedule. Pivoting from its involvement in the long-stalled “Project Dictator”, Ishukone applied itself to developing the Karura-class Lancer Dreadnought. Able to deploy the new lance weaponry, the Karura uses hybrid weapons as its secondary armament. Developer : Ishukone Ishukone, always striving to be ahead of the competition, have proved themselves to be one of the most adept starship designers in the State. A surprising majority of the Caldari Fleets ships of the line were created by their designers. Respected and feared by their peers Ishukone remain amongst the very top of the Caldari corporate machine.
”The meaning of Turnur’s destruction is plain and needs no explanation. We have always known that the Amarr Empire and its evil religion cares not if its ultimate end is to rule over an empire of ashes, blood, and desolation. Its only object is to rule the stars be they bright or be they dark. Never, I say. Never again the long night!” – Valklear General Kril Efrit, Skarkon Tribal Resistance Army, Broadcast to Republic, March YC125 The Great Caravans of the Thukker Tribe roam ceaselessly across the space of the Republic and beyond in their Great Wildlands territories, and the tribe’s ship architects are renowned across New Eden for their ingenuity. Due to their special requirements and experience, the Thukker have long functioned as a major developer of ships for the Republic, and the secret project to bring an advanced dreadnought to fruition was an ideal task for the shipbuilding circles of the Great Caravans. Close collaboration with their allies in the Republic Security Services, together with their own extensive contacts among the underworld cartels of New Eden, gave the Thukker engineers an up-to-date understanding of the “Disruptive Lance” technology that the Valravn-class Lancer Dreadnought uses alongside its batteries of projectile weapons. Developer : Thukker Mix Thukker spend their entire lives forever wandering the infinite in their vast caravans. As such their technology is based as much upon necessity as their ingenious ability to tinker. Their ship designs therefore tend to based upon the standard empire templates but extensively modified for the Thukker's unique needs.