Amarr Core Subsystems

Amarr core subsystems.

Legion Core - Augmented Antimatter Reactor
Comprised of countless nanomachines that enhance the energy flow from a ship's antimatter reactor, this core subsystem offers a pilot the option of increasing the power grid and capacitor capacity of their vessel. Designers of Tech III vessels were initially hampered by the problem of how to design a modular ship that could swap out basic engineering upgrades on a per-need basis. This proved particularly true when it came to reinforcing a vessel's power grid and capacitor banks without the use of batteries. In the end, the provision of nanomachines constructed from fullerene-based polymers allowed for solutions that had only existed in theory up until that point.
Legion Core - Dissolution Sequencer
This subsystem employs a nano-electromechanical dispersion field to strengthen a vessel's sensor systems. Made from a complex system of neurovisual interlays, automated trigger response units, and billions of advanced molecular-level circuits, the subsystem offers improved protection against hostile ECM as well as improved sensor range and target acquisition speed.
Legion Core - Energy Parasitic Complex
During some of the first conflicts with them, Amarr engineers noticed a remarkable feature in Sleeper drone technology: the ability of drones to transfer power between one another without the need for specialized equipment. This technology seemed to be innate to every drone in some capacity, and while the engineers could not reproduce this system in modern space vessels, they were able to adapt the technology into modular Tech III designs. The energy parasitic complex turns the Sleeper tech on its head, changing the energy transfer from a symbiotic function to a vampiric one by providing a boost to energy neutralizer and energy nosferatu equipment.