The Adrestia is a high-powered blaster platform specially commissioned for the 8th Alliance Tournament. While similar to its sister vessel the Deimos (on which its design was based), this ship nonetheless differs in some very important ways. Utilizing lightweight alloys and a prototype form of ion thruster, the Adrestia is capable of reaching truly mind-boggling speeds for a heavy assault vessel. While this makes it less sturdy than its predecessor, the lack of defensive plating is compensated for by state-of-the-art targeting systems, thoroughly optimized weapon hardpoints and upgraded warp scrambling capability. Don't let the lack of defense fool you; very few vessels out there can stand against the Adrestia toe to toe.
A highly experimental prototype created by Minmatar scientists, intended to combine the qualities of their front line heavy assault cruisers. Heavily plated and sporting additional thrusters, this ship is not to be taken lightly. Rarely seen these days, the ship is typically given out only to select pilots as a reward for their excellence in combat.
The Vangel is a heavy assault cruiser design exclusively commissioned as a reward in the ninth Alliance Tournament. Like its smaller sibling the Malice, it possesses greatly enhanced energy destabilization systems. Though it was primarily conceived as a combat vessel for the solitary pilot, the Vangel‘s great stores of capacitor power and top-of-the-line armor plating make it no less effective in small fleets. A sleek, deadly triumph of both form and function.