All Faction Battlecruisers

Battlecruisers designed by specific factions.

Brutix Navy Issue
This ship was born out of the experience gained by the Federation after the launch of the Talos-Class Attack Battlecruiser. Sensing that the Brutix hull could be refined further, it was decided to remove all notion of active defense from it to favor improvements to its already significant damage potential. The final outcome of this experiment resulted in the Brutix Navy Issue, a vessel that already shows great potential from the few skirmishes it has been into so far.
Drake Navy Issue
After the resounding success tied to the launch of the Drake-class Battlecruiser, the Caldari Navy signed up a massive order to acquire a specific version for its own arsenals. The outcome, the Drake Navy Issue, while sharing a similar look with its step-father, serves a completely different purpose on the battlefield. Being more mobile, able to project missiles more effectively at range, against smaller targets and on a wider selection of damage types, this ship is ideal to support small scale conflicts and raids.
Harbinger Navy Issue
While the Harbinger is a formidable vessel on its own, recent reports have raised its lack of flexibility as a noteworthy concern in the ever-shifting fleet tactic doctrines. Working hard to correct this problem, Imperial engineers came up with the improved Navy Issue variant. Boasting upgraded tracking systems, enhanced resilience and an advanced medium slot configuration layout, the Harbinger Navy Issue is a radical change over its predecessor, capable of astounding performance in a much wider spectrum of engagements.
Hurricane Fleet Issue
In YC 115, after much heated discussion, CONCORD issued a decree stating the Hurricane-Class Battlecruiser was far too effective to stay under its current technological label, and demanded the Minmatar Republic to either cease production or sort it as a more technologically advanced craft. The Tribal Council grudgingly complied by releasing a simplified version of the Hurricane, then quickly exploited a loophole in the legislation and began using the original overpowered hull as part of its active fleet force. And that is how, after a new paint coat and renaming fees that the Hurricane Fleet Issue came to be.