All Faction Dreadnoughts

Faction Dreadnought designs.

The Guristas Pirates are never ones to be left behind and the radical ship-design genius of Korako 'The Rabbit' Kosakami was quickly applied to capital ship development as other pirate and outlaw groups rolled out their fleets. The Caiman is a dreadnought that continues the Guristas emphasis on light strike capability among all their ships. Strong shields, together with powerful cruise missile and torpedo systems, round out a dreadnought that reflects the Rabbit's practice of taking Caldari hulls and twisting them to the preference of the Guristas.
The Blood Raider Covenant has found itself needing to match the capabilities of the Amarr Navy and capsuleer alliances in the face of repeated clashes with both foes. Omir Sarikusa has commanded his fanatical followers to adapt to increased prevalence of capital ships in naval warfare by developing their own, marked by the usual perversion of Amarr ship designs to the battle doctrines of the Blood Raider fleets. The Chemosh class dreadnought is such a ship, sporting the Blood Raiders' signature Energy Nosferatu technology.
Reacting to the rise of capsuleer capital fleets, the Serpentis Corporation requested that the Angel Cartel’s naval architects design a dreadnought class capital ship. This was done using the Moros hull as the basis for a formidable mobile weapons platform. After receiving the prototype, capital ship engineers from the Cartel’s Guardian Angels division maximized the damage potential of the design. For good measure, the Guardian Angels combined this with advanced Serpentis stasis webification technology.