Exotic Specimen Warehouse Wreck

100,000,000 HP
 Type ID34336
Volume0 m3
Mass0 kg
Capacity0 m3
Capacity0 m3
Type Info
Type ID34336
Graphic ID3788
Group IDLarge Collidable Object [226]
Race ID8
Faction Namegallentebase


Wrecked and battered, though largely intact, this station and its neighbor must originally have been sheltered in the lee of the planet to some extent. Disruption of orbital mechanics in this system make it difficult to be sure but the proximity of Thera III to the central star and the survival of recognizable station ruins requires an explanation of this kind. Some have suggested wilder theories concerning the nearby Talocan technology.

The station itself seems to have functioned as a vast storehouse of materials and specimens gathered from the core of the system. Not much remains and large quantities of radioactive fullerene gas seem to have bled from the ruptured storage vessels.