Moros Interbus Edition

Gallente Dreadnought bonuses per level

5.0 % bonus to Capital Hybrid Turret damage.
5.0 % bonus to Capital Hybrid Turret rate of fire.
5.0 % bonus to Armor Repairer cycle time.

Role bonuses

 Can fit Siege modules.
5.0 x penalty to Entosis Link cycle time.
Volume17,550,000.00 m3
Repackaged Volume1,300,000.00 m3
Mass1,292,500,000.00 kg
 Base Price1,549,802,570.00 ISK
Capacity2,550.00 m3
Produced by
Moros Interbus Edition Blueprint (Manufacturing)


Of all the dreadnoughts currently in existence, the imposing Moros possesses a tremendous capacity to fend off garguantuan hostiles while still posing a valid threat to any and all larger-scale threats on the battlefield. By virtue of its protean array of point defense capabilities, and its terrifying ability to unleash rapid and thoroughly devastating amounts of destruction on the battlefield, the Moros is single-handedly capable of turning the tide in a fleet battle.