Phoenix Wiyrkomi Edition

Caldari Dreadnought bonuses per level

5.0 % bonus to XL Cruise, XL Torpedo and Torpedo damage.
4.0 % bonus to all shield resistances.
10.0 % reduction in missile launcher reload time.

Role bonuses

 Can fit Siege modules.
5.0 x penalty to Entosis Link cycle time.
 Type ID34343
Volume16,250,000.00 m3
Volume16,250,000.00 m3
Repackaged Volume1,300,000.00 m3
Mass1,320,000,000.00 kg
Mass1,320,000,000.00 kg
 Base Price1,541,551,100.00 ISK
Capacity2,750.00 m3
Produced by
Phoenix Wiyrkomi Edition Blueprint (Manufacturing)
Cargo Scan Resistance0.00 %
Capacitor Warfare Resistance0.00 %
Stasis Webifier Resistance0.00 %
Weapon Disruption Resistance0.00 %
Capacity2,750.00 m3
Type Info
Type ID34343
Graphic ID20973
Group IDDreadnought [485]
Race ID1
Faction Namewiyrkomi


In terms of Caldari design philosophy, the Phoenix is a chip off the old block. With a heavily tweaked missile interface, targeting arrays of surpassing quality and the most advanced shield systems to be found anywhere, it is considered the strongest long-range installation attacker out there.

While its shield boosting actuators allow the Phoenix, when properly equipped, to withstand tremendous punishment over a short duration, its defenses are not likely to hold up against sustained attack over longer periods. With a strong supplementary force, however, few things in existence rival this vessel's pure annihilative force.