Revelation Sarum Edition

Amarr Dreadnought bonuses per level

5.0 % bonus to Capital Energy Turret damage.
4.0 % bonus to all armor resistances.
10.0 % reduction in Capital Energy Turret activation cost.

Role bonuses

 Can fit Siege modules.
5.0 x penalty to Entosis Link cycle time.
 Type ID34345
Volume18,500,000 m3
Repackaged Volume1,300,000 m3
Mass1,237,500,000 kg
 Base Price1,539,006,890 ISK
Capacity2,175 m3
Produced by
Revelation Sarum Edition Blueprint (Manufacturing)
Cargo Scan Resistance0 %
Capacitor Warfare Resistance0.00 %
Stasis Webifier Resistance0.00 %
Weapon Disruption Resistance0.00 %
Capacity2,175 m3
Type Info
Type ID34345
Graphic ID20971
Group IDDreadnought [485]
Race ID4
Faction Namesarum


The Revelation represents the pinnacle of Amarrian military technology. Maintaining their proud tradition of producing the strongest armor plating to be found anywhere, the Empire's engineers outdid themselves in creating what is arguably the most resilient dreadnought in existence.

Added to that, the Revelation's ability to fire capital beams makes its position on the battlefield a unique one. When extended sieges are the order of the day, this is the ship you call in.