Deathglow Splendorcook

100,000,000 HP
 Type ID48968
Volume118,000 m3
Mass11,800,000 kg
Capacity235 m3
Capacity235 m3
Type Info
Type ID48968
Graphic ID2795
Group IDNon-Interactable Object [1975]
Race ID4
Faction Namebloodraider


Warning: Currently Protected by Local Force Field Projector

The Deathglow Hunters are probably the most grotesque and filth-encrusted gang of chem-cooking loons in all of New Eden. Their Deathglow Splendorcooks are high-ranking masters of the art of "cooking" Deathglow from the yield of Cthonic Attar their loathesome underlings bring them. The Splendorcooks are the source of the best refined Deathglow and ensure that the weird and vile boosters keep flowing from this illegal boosters ring into the underground markets of New Eden.

Tolerated by the Blood Raiders for the profits to be had from selling Deathglow, the gang is nevertheless regarded with disdain by the Covenant's regular "priesthood of all believers". CONCORD intelligence indicates that the Blood Raiders have recently developed synaptic acceleration technology using Deathglow, the street name for Chromodynamic Tricarboxyls: unstable, mind-altering chemicals that can be refined and processed from Cthonic Attar ores usually found only in intermediate deadspace zones.