Skybreaker AEGIS Police SKIN
The Authority for Emergency Interdiction and Security (AEGIS) was originally set up as a response to shipping losses to pirates and other emergent threats, but during the Triglavian Invasions the security organization became a major element of planetary and space station defense efforts by EDENCOM. The AEGIS Security Police (ASP) operate across New Eden and are used to secure and police orbital facilities and planetary defense networks controlled by EDENCOM. AEGIS Security Police also have an important role in investigating crimes and arbitrating disputes between the disparate interstellar forces that make up the military units operating under the EDENCOM mission. Increasingly, as the core empires look to their own internal security concerns and military-industrial strategic agendas, the AEGIS Security Police have supported the work of AEGIS Commandos and EDENCOM Anti-Warclone Units, as well as securing vital Upwell Consortium facilities constructing fortification equipment.
Skybreaker Aurora Universalis SKIN
Auroras, or polar lights, are a universal concept and shared experience among the peoples of New Eden. The heavily-populated terrestrial home planets are particularly noted for stories and myths involving these striking, dancing lights in the sky. To the Amarr, the aurora are linked to ancient religious stories and are sometimes known as "Sefrim Banners", alluding to the angelic figures considered messengers from God. A tradition of the appearance of these lights heralding divine approval for the armies of Amarr during the Reclaiming of Athra is well attested. For the Caldari, the polar lights are the enigmatic "Flame Wind", a mysterious force in the animistic mythology of Caldari Prime's pre-industrial era. On the cold Caldari home world, the appearance of the aurora was associated with unusual weather and sudden migrations of animals. The various nations of Gallente Prime had their ancient legends about polar lights but knew the aurora to be an interaction of atmosphere, magnetic fields and stellar winds from the time of the "Airship Wars". Viewing aurora on airship trips to the polar regions of Gallente Prime is a popular tourist activity on the planet. The Minmatar have a somewhat mixed viewpoint on aurora, with some believing that such lights were seen during the storms that wracked Matar during the "Day of Darkness" that heralded the Amarr invasion. However, most think this notion misreads the fragmentary tales of what happened in those times. The traditional view of the polar lights, at least for tribes such as the Brutor and Sebiestor, is that they represent a "standing place gathering" or moot of tribal spirits. At the time of the Yoiul Festival, the aurora lights of the worlds of New Eden are one reminder of the shared history of the people of the cluster and have becomes a symbol to some of their universal connections with one another.
Skybreaker Bluestar Defenders SKIN
Intended for use in combat against the Triglavian invaders, EDENCOM's new line of ships was commissioned from the Upwell Consortium to take advantage of Arcing Vorton Projector weapons technology. As the Triglavian Collective is known to be focusing considerable effort on capturing systems with a blue primary star, there has been a concern to reassure the inhabitants of such systems that EDENCOM will defend them. The "Bluestar Defenders" are a unit of ships including Thunderchild, Stormbringer, and Skybreaker vessels with a livery that reflects their special role. EDENCOM's Office of Propaganda has made the unit's colors available as a promotional nanocoating to support the campaign to defend blue star systems from Triglavian invasion.
Skybreaker Capsuleer Day XXI SKIN
As celebrations unfold for the 21st anniversary of the Capsuleer Age, a looming threat emerges from Abyssal Deadspace. The conflict between the Triglavian Collective and the Drifters spills into New Eden, prompting the Society of Conscious Thought to enlist Capsuleers to act on their behalf. This nanocoating, intricately crafted by the SoCT, serves as a distinctive adornment for those who bravely stepped up for the frontier in Y126.
Skybreaker EDENCOM Victory SKIN
This nanocoating was designed to serve as a suitable reward for those pilots displaying skill in open tournaments sponsored by the EDENCOM defensive alliance. The design was approved by Provost Marshal Kasiha Valkanir herself and is intended to "celebrate the noble sacrifices made by the defenders of New Eden." EDENCOM's public communications and propaganda department planned a number of programs to bolster recruitment in the event the Triglavian Invasion campaigns continued for many years. In the event, the success of EDENCOM saved nearly 150 systems from Triglavian attacks, fortifying over 50 in the face of sustained invasion efforts. The formation of Pochven effectively ended the invasion war but EDENCOM found itself facing continued raiding by Triglavian forces. EDENCOM forces also continued efforts to bolster resistance movements within Pochven, supporting a case for continued propaganda and communication efforts.