Special Edition Battleships

Battleships which have been offered to capsuleers on occasion for limited periods.

Apocalypse Imperial Issue
Designed by master starship engineers and constructed in the royal shipyards of the Emperor himself, the imperial issue of the dreaded Apocalypse battleship is held in awe throughout the Empire. Given only as an award to those who have demonstrated their fealty to the Emperor in a most exemplary way, it is considered a huge honor to command -- let alone own -- one of these majestic and powerful battleships.
Armageddon Imperial Issue
Designed and constructed by the most skilled starship engineers and architects of the Empire, the imperial issue of the mighty Armageddon class is an upgraded version of the most-used warship of the Amarr. Its heavy armaments and strong front are specially designed to crash into any battle like a juggernaut and deliver swift justice in the name of the Emperor.
The venerable Marshal series of battleships have made up the backbone of CONCORD's fleets for a century, in various marks and iterations of a design originally built around the subframe and keel of the Amarr Empire's Apocalypse-class battleship. The appearance of a response force led by Marshal-class battleships invariably ends in the destruction of criminals and terrorists daring to try their luck in high-security space. Over the course of the Drifter Crisis, the Directive Enforcement Department assessed that the aged design, improved only incrementally over the decades, could no longer meet the challenges facing CONCORD. The Marshal was therefore included in CONCORD Aerospace's "Force Majeure Program" to develop enhanced and totally overhauled versions of its core inventory of police action and combat vessels. While CONCORD Aerospace successfully upgraded the Marshal and other DED vessels with hyper-advanced technology, the program became a severe drain on CONCORD's resources. Consequently, the Inner Circle authorized a limited release of the Marshal, stripped of CONCORD's advanced rapid-deployment and electronic warfare suites, to the capsuleer market via authorized dealers.
Megathron Federate Issue
The Megathron has established itself as one of the most feared and respected battleships around. Since its first appearance almost two decades ago it has seen considerable service in the troublesome regions on the outskirts of the Federation, helping to expand and defend Gallentean influence there. The Federate Issue is a unique ship, commissioned by Gallentean president Foiritan as an honorary award given to those individuals whose outstanding achievements benefit the entire Federation.
"Action follows form. Form follows thought. We have thought deeply on the shape of the future. The forms have been established and now is the time to act." – Elder Mentor Matshi Raish, Geminate Chapter, Society of Conscious Thought, YC120.05.06. The Praxis-class battleship is a new SoCT design that uses principles derived from Jove shipbuilding techniques recently made available to the Society's naval architects. The Praxis was designed and constructed to combat the emergent threats to New Eden, as they continue to increase in YC120 and beyond. In the 15th year since the dawn of the Capsuleer Era, the Society made the Praxis available to all independent capsuleers.
Raven State Issue
This State Issued version of the powerhouse Caldari Battleship - The Raven - was designed in a joint venture by the eight Caldari supercorporations. It was created expressly to honor those whose valor in combat, and adherence to the Caldari code of battle, has surpassed that of their comrades in arms. Of course, should the ship be lost, the immense dishonour to the pilot demands that he take his own life, but seeing as how this wouldn't affect him in the slightest, tradition holds that the highest-ranked of the surviving crew members take his place.
Scorpion Ishukone Watch
With its focus on electronic warfare, few ships can resist the direct onslaught of the Ishukone Watch Scorpion-class battleship's jamming capabilities. Details This variant of the Scorpion represents the pinnacle of the Ishukone paramilitary force's electronic warfare capabilities. Development When Ishukone Watch was commissioned to produce a run of Scorpion-class battleships for its parent company, it was decided that a number of extra units would be offered to the capsuleer community to help fund the effort. Interestingly, the entire project took less than one year from start to finish, suggesting at some degree of urgency in the fleet's production. The first of these vessels was awarded to Gallente pilot Jack DuVal on June 4th YC115 as a gesture of good will, after it was stolen from an Ishukone Watch shipyard in orbit of Caldari Prime by the Guristas Pirates, before being abandoned in his hangar in Korama after a lengthy pursuit across the Caldari Border Zone. Technology Though the typical Scorpion-class battleship includes a highly advanced sensor package, Ishukone Watch modifies their ships for policing duty around their worlds. Custom multispectral radiation scanners designed to catch all forms of planetary and extra-planetary communications replace the standard comms suite. Special Ladar and thermal imaging equipment allow Ishukone Watch ships to serve as a distant eye-in-the-sky for planetary security forces. Although these features are stripped out before decommissioned hulls are placed on the open market, the infamy of the Ishukone Watch still makes ships popular with independent ship buyers. Notes Many wonder why Ishukone Watch would produce a massive run of electronic warfare battleships, especially with sensor suites fine-tuned to detect planetside signals. Some have speculated that these ships were intended to support a larger, multinational fleet. Regarding the mass production of these ships, Ishukone Watch CEO Eborimi Shiskala praised her parent corporation with an "incredible dedication to the Ishukone doctrine of technological superiority."
Tempest Tribal Issue
Commissioned by the four ruling tribes of the Republic, the Tribal Issue of their Fleet's key vessel is presented only to those who have displayed unyielding valor in the Republic's interest, and a tireless commitment to maintenance of the Tribes' precious freedom. Given the ship's status as a badge of honour, it is not uncommon for pilots or ship crew to add special tattoos to their anatomy, celebrating both the gift of the ship and the honour of piloting it.